Using OneNote on a Tablet- Surface pro Vs iPad pro

OneNote has become a crown jewel in Microsoft Office, as far as I can tell. The core applications — Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — are still the backbone of the office suite, but OneNote is a multipurpose utility that makes life easier … of course if you use it. To get the value from using OneNote, it must get into your habit first. Managed Network Services like IT Services Birmingham have run a comprehensive research on it.

I have used OneNote for many years now and then. Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has increased the value of OneNote — by making it a virtually ubiquitous cross-platform tool — and improving certain features and capabilities, making it indispensable.

Using OneNote on Surface pro

Even as a OneNote user, I still use the old-fashioned magazine to take notes. I have 4 different notebooks – a paper on which I write down my notes and thoughts sitting in a chair in my office. When I conduct interviews, or discuss products with suppliers, out of habit I take notes in my journal. I just always do that.

Recently, I work from home, I wanted to compare some of the notes that I did while communicating with suppliers, but my notebook at that moment, as usual, was in the office. It was the day when I made the conscious decision to abandon the traditional notebooks and form a new habit – to keep notes in OneNote.

Keeping records in OneNote instead of paper has several advantages. First, I type faster than I write, and the resulting text is always legible – which I can’t say about the quickly scratched text with a regular pen. Secondly, the information I recorded is synced with OneDrive and is always available on my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, MacBook Air, or from the Internet on any other device. It serves as a convenience (I do not need to go to the office to pick up my notes), or as an automatic backup (so even if my Surface Pro is lost or stolen, the information will still be stored in the cloud).

Once OneNote comes into your habit, you will need to dig a little deeper to find out how useful OneNote is. It’s very easy to make bulleted lists or add checkboxes to create a task list, but OneNote can do much more.

A highly qualified staff from Managed Network Services tells about user techniques of OneNote by some district schools. The post talks about an institution like the Carey Academy in North Carolina, which uses OneNote to create digital textbooks and allows the school to keep the curriculum constantly updated, while at the same time reducing costs.

You can attach files, take screenshots of web pages, insert photos, or even record audio and video right inside OneNote. One of the most remarkable features is that you can record audio for a presentation during the same time as you take notes in OneNote, and OneNote automatically synchronizes your notes with the desired point in the audio recording.

Microsoft took OneNote to the main role with the new Surface Pro. There is a special purple button on the digital pen that automatically opens OneNote, even if Surface Pro is locked. You can easily record important information by simply clicking a button. 

If you are not using OneNote, you definitely need to try. If you use OneNote only to manage your shopping list, you need to spend a little time exploring its features and functions. If you want to be more efficient, try using OneNote as a habit.

Using OneNote on iPad

1. The cursor somehow incomprehensibly jumps and behaves not quite adequately. The standard of adequacy will be considered all other text editors in the App Store.  Try typing in OneNote, then scrolling through the page, and then put the cursor in the center of the text. Press any letter and the Del key. The letter will be written where necessary, but the last letter of the penultimate cursor will be deleted.

2. No printing function. Well, okay in the version for iPad, so it is also cut in the version for OS X. If you really need to print a note, the solution is: send the file to the mail in PDF format. We unpack from the mail. Why these dances with tambourines?

3. When copying and pasting text with pictures, only text enters the notes. It is very uncomfortable.

And these are just the main disadvantages that I met in a few days of using and testing the application. It can be seen that they are all fixable, the only question is WHEN?

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